Health coaching

Alice is Whole Being Health Food’s resident health coach and is dedicated to helping you reach your wellness goals whether that’s losing weight, curbing sugar addiction, overcoming digestive issues, or simply feeling better.

Although we always set out with the best intentions to get healthier, to cut our workload and stress levels and find that balance, it’s hard! Family life and general responsibilities often get in the way of integrating the changes that lead to real results. On top of this, almost every day we’re hit by the latest diet fad, lifestyle trend and health product by the media, which tend to do nothing more than overpromise and underdeliver. It’s no wonder we’re left feeling frustrated, abandoning our goals and staying stuck in the same place.

Alice can help you to reach your wellness goals by guiding you in:

  • Finding and eating the food that’s right for your body.
  • Helping you understand your individual nutritional needs.
  • Addressing troublesome or painful digestive issues.
  • Finding a holistic way to improve your health that’s more than just about what you eat.
  • Lowering your stress levels and helping you find a balance within your busy lifestyle.
  • Motivation and support to achieve your health and wellness goals.

  • Our wellness expert and health coach can help you cut through the fads, working together with you to create a plan that takes you beyond what you’ve tried before. Alice accounts for all your individual physical, emotional and lifestyle needs whilst acting as your supportive mentor, guiding you through the changes you need to succeed. All without you going hungry, spending a fortune or missing out on having fun in the process.

    Please contact Alice for more information on how she can help you feel amazing.

    “When I met Alice I was stuck in a miserable place of dieting, losing weight, then gaining it all back again after getting fed up with restricting myself. I could soon see that the more I punished myself with bland, low calorie food and boring gym workouts the harder it would be for me to keep the weight off long term. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of delicious whole foods that I don’t need to feel guilty about eating, ways of exercising that don’t feel like a chore and just having a little more self love and acceptance for myself. The weight loss that’s followed is just an added bonus of how much better I feel now” Julie M, 44

    “Alice is nothing short of a guru when it comes to overcoming emotional and addictive eating! Before we started working together I felt completely out of control with the amount I was eating, which was usually directly in response to how I was feeling and the overwhelming cravings I was experiencing. Alice helped me deconstruct exactly what was behind these , and made me see that my lack of self control around sugar was not due to me being weak willed but the physical effects it was having in my body. With so much care and compassion she’s guided me towards a better diet and creating healthier responses to my food cravings. That has been a total game changer for me”  Hermela H, 28

    “I’ve learnt so much from Alice it’s hard to pick out just a few things, but I’d say the insights into the role of gut health and how it’s affected the way I feel on so many levels has been the most valuable. I know now how a lot of the foods I was eating were contributing to me feeling tired and bloated after I’d almost accepted that as just being my normal status quo! As well as how stress and my hectic lifestyles been affecting my digestion and how to manage that. I feel so much better day to day now” Anne M, 60