Kristina Locke

Kristina Locke is the winner of numerous Great Taste and FreeFrom food awards and is one of the most celebrated nutritional chefs in business today. Her mission is to teach people to cook simple, nutritionally dense meals that nourish your body and mind.

Kristina first got involved with natural medicine while at University in Manchester. Having suffered recurrent bouts of bronchitis she was prescribed a series of antibiotics that made her feel weak and awful, she realised there had to be a better way to keep healthy.


Kristina grew up in a family who loved healthy, nutritious cooking. They were also open minded about alternative therapies such as acupuncture and osteopathy.

This mindset encouraged Kristina to avoid overprescribed Western medicine, which only made her worse, and to try to only use natural food and methods of healing to keep healthy. Using this resolution, she made a full recovery.  

A lifelong foodie, Kristina travelled the world from a young age, always seeking out the best food, from Michelin-starred restaurants to Bangkok street food markets.  She has always loved cooking for family, friends and big groups. Her sister, a qualified nutritional chef and food writer, also opened her eyes to nutritional gourmet food and preparing organic, seasonal food.    

After an early career in PR and marketing, Kristina helped to bring the natural medicine and supplement company QLink to the European market. At the same time, she also studied yoga and became increasingly interested Ayurvedic medicine, spending time in India every year visiting retreats, yoga teachers and Ayurvedic hospitals and centres doing research.  

Kristina eventually became a qualified yoga teacher specialising in the Ayurvedic diet and brought that knowledge to Conscious Food UK Ltd, a business she set up in 2009. Conscious Food was the UK’s first award-winning gluten, wheat and dairy free gourmet snacks company, in partnership with Conscious Food India, the leading artisan organic food company.

It was this new knowledge that lead to the development of the cult-classic digestive aid d’mix, the first ever digestive aid to incorporate chewing as part of the treatment.  

Kristina also wrote the Alastair Sawday’s Special Places to Stay guide to India & Sri Lanka, developing an even deeper knowledge and understanding of travel and hotels in India, focusing on small guesthouses, homestays, organic farms, lodges and palaces where she further cultivated her Indian culinary skills. Many of her Indian friends and colleagues say she knows India and Indian food better than they do!

Throughout her travels and studies in India she kept coming across Palmrya jaggery (unrefined sugar from the palmyra tree) – either in treatments and remedies or in home cooking – and experienced its wonderful therapeutic benefits and taste.

With obesity and diabetes levels on the rise across the UK and Europe, partly due to our high consumption of refined sugar, Kristina made it her mission to source the best quality organic Palmyra Jaggery and bring it to the West. However, it wasn’t that simple. Traditionally Palmyra Jaggery is sold in huge blocks full of sand, grit and even bugs. By partnering with her trusted supplier in India, who had created a way of making it into a powder without losing the key nutrients, she was able to bring you the rich elixir that is SugaVida in powdered form. This makes it versatile and incredibly easy to use in drinks, baking and cooking.

To date, SugaVida has been a huge hit across the world and is used by top doctors, nutritionists, Michelin starred and patisserie chefs, as well as leading food companies producing a whole host of different food including chocolate, raw chocolate, ice cream, cakes, cereals and smoothies.  

Wholebeing Health Foods is the bringing together of both the Conscious Food products and Sugavida with her sought-after services and her mission to help millions of people across the planet switch to healthier diets and to improve their health and wellbeing.


We look forward to welcoming you on your journey!